Who is Acumas?

Acumas is the practice for acupuncture, Chinese herbs and (sports) massage from Winni Jansen.

After having always been interested and engaged in various sports, Winni completed her training for sports massage in 2004 and after 2 years working as a freelance masseuse in a sauna she started her own massage practice in Purmerend in 2006.

During a journey through China, Winni has become fascinated by acupuncture. It was only after many other trips that she started a three-year acupuncturist training in 2004, in which she completed with an acupuncture internship in Chengdu University Hospital, China.


After completing her acupuncture studies in June 2008, Winni works full-time in her own practice in Almere and Huizen. In 2011, the practice was extended with Chinese herbs after completing the 2-year course of Chinese herbal medicin


In 2016, Acumas was temporarily closed because Winni gained new experiences by working on a cruise ship as an acupuncturist for 7 months. After this experience, Acumas was restarted with renewed energy and knowledge.

The name Acumas has 2 meanings.

It can be seen as ACUpuncture and MASsage, but also as the Spanish translation acupuncture and more (more is mas in Spanish). Acupuncture is not just about pricking with needles, but also cupping, moxa, advice about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle and of course not forgetting Chinese herbs.


In addition to the training that Winni has done, she also keeps up-to-date and refresher courses from time to time, including an overview below:


– TCM Congress Rothenburg (2018)

– TCM Congress Rothenburg (2017)

– 3 day course in Los Angeles to prepare for work on a cruise ship

– Summer internship Qigong, Tai chi and meditation (2016 and 2017)

– Herbal course skin conditions (2015)

– Praktical Jin Gui Yao Lue translating an ancient Chinese classic for modern diseases (2014/2015)

– Dry needling (2014)

– Sportmedische Wielersymposium (2014) Preventing and remedying injuries cyclists.

– Tuina hand and foot massage (2013)

– Nutrition for body and mind (2013)

– “De Shen and his 51 ministers”, psychology from a Buddhist point of view (2013)

– 7th World Congress of Chinese Medicin 2010

– Acupuncture and breast cancer (2009)

– Acupuncture and mental health care (2009)



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