Sports massage

A good sports massage consists of sedative and stimulating techniques and deep tissue techniques , depending on the complaint or the purpose of the massage. These techniques improve the performance and recovery of the body and have a preventive and/or curing effect.

Sports massage on a regular basis is also a physical maintenance: emerging ailments are noticed in time and nipped early in the bud, waste products are worked out faster by the body  a regular massage alsohas a relaxing effect.

Even if you do not do sports, this massage can be a blessing, for example neck and shoulder complaints as a result of sitting too long behind the computer. Or back complaints, both chronic and acute. Also muscular pains after, for example, a day’s work or working in the garden can be remedied. Keep in mind that if a complaint has existed for years, it has not been ‘massaged away’ after 1 treatment. In this case the complaint did not come in 1 day either, but you already feel a clear difference after the first treatment.


Relaxation massage

A relaxation massage is a massage in which different techniques from different cultures are interwoven. The massage is performed with massage oil and you can choose from different (aromatic) oils.By stroking and kneading forcefully but in slow speed, a relaxation and an improved blood flow is achieved. Due to the improved circulation, accumulated waste products are removed.


HotStone Massage

Let your body completely relax by a wonderful relaxing HotStone massage.The massage is given with heated basalt stones, these are volcanic stones that are smoothed by water, sand and time. The stones have a high content of iron and magnesium and therefore keep the heat for a long time. The warmth of the stones creates a deep relaxation through the softening of tissues and muscles thru the warmth of the stones.

Foot massage

Chinese foot massage is not only a treat for the feet, but also a benefit for body and soul. A massage based on the old original techniques, which have been applied in China since 4000 years. The feet, lower legs and knees are massaged, the reflex zones on the feet, the meridians, the acupuncture points in these areas are used. In China, foot massages have been very popular for centuries and in Western Europe people strart to appreciate this beneficial form of massage lately as well. Also, without having to have specific complaints, this is refreshing and relaxing. It is possible to start with a warm foot bath with Chinese herbs, which stimulates blood flow. The time for a foot massage is at least half an hour, but it is better to spend an hour on this treatment.).

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